Raffle License

A Raffle License is required for any raffle held within the village, in which a patron is required to pay for the chance to win, or if purchase is necessary to win a prize. Raffle applications (PDF) must be submitted to the Village of Villa Park, at least 10 working days prior to event, for approval.

Applicants must be a not-for-profit organization for at least five years. A bona fide member of this organization who will be involved with raffle must complete the application, and submit it with proof of not-for-profit status. All applications shall be signed and notarized. Must be original signature (not copied or faxed.)

After the Raffle

Upon completion of the raffle, a report must be submitted to the Village of Villa Park detailing money taken in, prizes awarded, and proceeds given to the not-for-profit organization. This report should be completed by the raffle manager from the not-for-profit organization, and not to be the same person who is responsible for the main bookkeeping of the not-for-profit organization


$10 for every raffle held (not dates chances are sold) Original licenses must be picked up at the Village of Villa Park Village Hall, located at 20 South Ardmore Avenue. Licenses should be available for pick up in 7-10 days from application submission. You may call the front desk, at 630-834-8500, to check if the license is available for pick up.

You can fill out the application online or print out the form below but it needs to be notarized by our office.