Special Events

Required Licenses

A special event application must be made with the Village of Villa Park for any amusement event held in the Village of Villa Park. Please refer to the Villa Park Municipal Code for definitions, and information on amusement events.

If application is for a not-for-profit event, or a private event, license fee can be waived and exempt from tax upon approval of the village manager. Proof of not-for-profit must be provided, and must have been NFP for five years to qualify.

Licenses are issued on a one-time use for $75, or for the calendar year for $100. When it is for the year, there is an unlimited amount of the same events within the licensed year.

A 5% amusement tax must be applied to the event for admission. Items sold within event are not taxed, only when admission is charged. Tax remittance form must be turned in 7-10 days from event. When it is a year license, tax remittance must be turned in for each event, and let us know when next one will be.


Application shall be made by vendor for any carnival held within the village. Included in this application shall be a list of all games and / or rides that will be at the carnival. Also include description of each game / ride. There shall not be set up, or operated, any gambling device, lottery, number or paddle wheel, number board, punch board, or other games of chance, or any lewd, lascivious, or indecent show or attraction making an indecent exposure of the person, or suggesting lewdness or immortality.

A certificate of liability insurance to the max for commercial general liability must be attached to the application in the amounts as follows: $500,000 personal injury, $1,000,000 each occurrence, and $50,000 for property damage for the date(s) of the carnival.

Fee is $25 per day for the carnival license. Prior to issuance of the license, the premises shall be inspected by the Village of Villa Park Police and Fire Departments. If there is a carnival within another amusement event, a carnival permit and an amusement license need to be issued!

For more information, contact the Finance Department at (630) 834-8500.

Please fill out the application online here.