Apiary Registration

Bees may be kept in apiaries in accordance with the regulations of this section.

A. Permits

Before erecting or placing an apiary, an applicant must provide written notice to all abutting property owners and obtain a permit from the community development department. Apiary permits must be renewed annually. 

B. Registration

Apiaries must be registered with the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Proof of registration must be submitted to the community development director. 

C. Siting 

Apiaries are allowed only in the rear yard. 

D. Setbacks

Apiaries must be set back at least ten (10) feet from all lot lines and at least 10 feet from the principal structure on the lot. 

E. Number 

A maximum of two (2) hives are allowed per lot in R districts. A maximum of six (6) hives are allowed per lot in all other zoning districts. 

F. Safety 

Beekeepers must requeen colonies that exhibit unusually aggressive behavior, such as stinging or swarming, and ensure that an on-site water source is available within twenty-five (25) feet of the apiary during the months of March through November.

G. Maintenance 

Apiaries must be maintained so as not to become a nuisance. Colonies must be maintained in moveable-frame hives with adequate spacing and management techniques to avoid overcrowding and swarming. 

H. Screening

Apiaries must be screened to provide a flyway barrier. Such screening shall be at least six (6) feet in height and consist of a solid fence, vegetative barrier, or combination of such materials. The entrance to the apiary must include a latched gate that must remain closed at all times that a beekeeper is not present. 

I. Sales

On-site retail sales activities are prohibited unless retail sales is permitted in the subject zoning district.


You can fill out the application online by visiting Here 

Please use the link below to view the apiary license application and to see the guidelines for apiaries in the Village of Villa Park.

Apiary Application (PDF)