Chicken (Hen) License Application

The raising/keeping of chickens (hens) is permitted on residential zoning lots containing a minimum of 6,000 square feet and compliance with the following set of regulations:

  1. A minimum of two (2) and a maximum of six (6) hens shall be permitted on properties zoned and occupied for single family residential uses.
  2. All hens shall be kept within a covered enclosure/structure with an attached covered/enclosed outdoor area to prevent hens from encroaching onto neighboring properties.
  3. An outdoor area minimum of four (4) square feet per hen will be required and a maximum of one hundred (100) square feet will be permitted for both the covered enclosure/structure and outdoor area.
  4. All enclosures/structures shall be located a minimum of ten feet (10’) from all lot lines and may be mobile.
  5. The structure shall contain insulated walls and/or an insulated blanket shall cover the structure during the winter months.
  6. All hens and enclosures/structures shall be kept/located in the rear yard only.
  7. All areas where hens are kept shall be clean and well maintained with little to no accumulation of waste.  In addition, all areas where hens are kept shall not produce or cause odors that are detectable on adjacent properties.
  8. Roosters are prohibited.
  9. No slaughtering.
  10. No other poultry, including but not limited to geese, ducks and turkeys shall be kept on the property.
  11. An initial building permit shall be required for all permanent enclosures/structures associated with the keeping of hens.  A building inspection/approval is required prior to obtaining a hen license.
  12. A hen license issued by the Village of Villa Park with a one-time fee of $50.00 shall be required prior to purchasing the hens. A renewal license shall be required each year thereafter, with no additional fee.
  13. A maximum of fifty (50) residential zoning lots will be licensed to have hens in the Village at one time.


You can fill out the application online by visiting: Here 

Please use the link below to view the residential chicken (hen) license application and to see the guidelines for chickens (hens) in the Village of Villa Park.

Residential Chicken License Application