Vending License

A vending machine license is required on all vending machines, including, but are not limited to; pop machines, kid rides, crane machines (always get a prize,) juke box, soap machines, and postage machines. The establishment is responsible for applying for the license, not the supplier. Any vending machine found without a proper vending machine license will be removed if it does not come into compliance.

Application Information

Applications shall include type of machine, location of machine on premises, and supplier information. All applications must be sign by the owner of the establishment where the vending machine is located. You can fill out the application online or print out the form below but it needs to be notarized by our office. 

For more detailed information please refer to the Villa Park Municipal Code on Vending Machine Licensing.


Fees for licenses are dependent on the price of the commodity. Vending license fee is prorated in the Municipal Code (page 13-420) Fee for license - $30 application fee for new applicant + license fee according to commodity:

Price of CommodityLicense Fee
$0.01- $0.05$15
$0.06- $0.24$20
$0.25- $0.49$25
$0.50 and up$30

Application fee applies only to new applicants. Existing applicants need only to pay the license fee according to above chart. Vending Machine Licenses Expire on April 14 of every year, and need to be renewed.


Download Vending Machine Application (PDF Printable)

Online Vending Machine Application

Questions regarding Vending Machine Licensing can be directed to Finance Department, at 630-834-8500

Villa Park Municipal Code