Amusement Device License

Coin Operated Amusement Devices

Any machine or device which, upon the insertion of a coin, slug, token, plate or disk, may be operated by the public generally by manipulating special equipment whereby a score is established; and at any machine where the operator of the device pays or gives consideration for the privilege of using the amusement device. Each slot on a machine is considered a separate device (i.e., pinball machines, video games, etc.) Gambling is prohibited by law! Machines that payout like a video poker machine, or where a wager can be made is prohibited.

Application Process

Upon request from the establishment (not the supplier), an application for both the proprietor and the supplier needs to be completed. If the establishment has a liquor license, no background check needs to be completed for the establishment. If, however, the supplier has not been established with us or has not conducted business in a few years, a background check will be required before acceptance of any application.

Information Needed

  • The name, address and Social Security Number of applicant(s), and / or all partners / stock holders who controls, or owns 5% or more, or principal place of business, if the applicant is a corporation.
  • Submit the name of any other political subdivision within the state in which the applicant maintains, or has maintained in the last five years.
  • On the supplier's application- all locations that they supply must be listed on the application (not just one that is applying.) the trade name of the device(s) supplied, description of said device, and serial number of each device.
  • On proprietor's application- name and address of supplier, name and address of premises, trade name of each device, description of said device(s,) serial number of each device must be on application.
  • A statement must be submitted that the applicant understands and has read all ordinances and agrees to abide by such rules / regulations.
  • If the proprietor is a new applicant- the zoning department must inspect premises to determine if the premises is up to code. No background check is needed, if proprietor has current liquor license. If, however, the premise is for amusements only, the premises must be zoned properly, and public hearing must be done (see Sec 4-324.)


For more information, contact the Finance Department 630-592-6050.