Liquor License

The Village of Villa Park does not have any new liquor licenses available. If you wish to apply for a new liquor license, an ordinance needs to be passed to increase the number of liquor licenses. Therefore, the following procedure has been established to request a liquor license. Refer to the Village of Villa Park Municipal Code on Alcoholic Liquors for types of Liquor Licenses and Fees.

Application Process

  • A letter needs to be submitted to the Village of Villa Park Liquor Commission at 20 South Ardmore Avenue, indicating the type of business (i.e. Restaurant, Tavern, Grocery, Liquor Store,) what type of liquor to be served (i.e. beer, beer and wine, full liquor, packaged liquor,) and location of the business. A determination will then be made by the Liquor Commissioner if the applicant shall proceed with the process.
  • Upon approval, the full application, along with a $500 non-refundable fee, shall be submitted to the secretary of the Liquor Commission for each owner, or partner who owns 5% or more of the business. The Police Department will then contact all applicants for fingerprinting. The approval process for this can take 30-90 days to complete.
  • While the investigation is taking place, the applicant shall make application with the Community Development Department for an Occupancy Permit (PDF).
  • A printable application for the liquor license (PDF) or Online application shall be submitted to the Liquor Commission and all items need to be completed on the new liquor license checklist (PDF).
  • Upon approval of the background application, the request to increase the number of liquor licenses shall be submitted to the village board by the liquor commissioner. The passage of this ordinance will take three board meetings to approve. A letter will be sent to the applicant notifying dates of such meetings to allow attendance by applicant in order to answer any questions the Village Board might have.
  • Once all items have been submitted, including all fees and approval by the Village Board, a meeting will be set up with the applicant, liquor commissioner, and chief of police to issue the Liquor License.

Special Event Liquor License

An application for a special event liquor license (PDF), along with proof of liquor liability insurance, must be submitted to the Liquor Commission prior to holding any event where liquor will be served.

Refer to the Villa Park Municipal Code Article III, Classification for a description of said license and requirements.

Important Links

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Village of Villa Park Municipal Code

For questions regarding Liquor Licensing you may contact the Finance Department at 630-592-6050.