Garbage & Recycling

Collection Information

Holiday service will be provided one day later than regular collection if the holiday falls from Sunday through Friday. If the holiday falls on a Saturday, service will not be affected. Holidays observed are New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day. 

The Village of Villa Park will once again offer a free leaf collection service for 7 weeks of the year. This year's collection dates will be from October 23, 2023, through December 8th, 2023. Residents may dispose of an unlimited number of yard waste paper bags of leaves without the need for waste disposal stickers. However, leaves must be containerized in landscape paper bags or containers under 35 gallons.

Residents can recycle used clothing and textiles. Schedule your free home pickup and pink/orange bags are no longer required. Simply place your bags outside your front door and we will pick them up on your scheduled day. For more information and to schedule a pickup visit: 

Recycling Services

Recyclables are collected on the same day of the week as the garbage and yard waste, Please MARK the additional box or container used as RECYCLE so the driver can clearly see it. Plastic bags with recycled material cannot be accepted. There is no limit to the amount of acceptable recycled items that can be placed out for collection. LRS suggests using a cardboard box as a makeshift bin and placing all broken down materials inside for additional recycling needs. 

Electronic Recycling

The drop-off site is open on the third Saturday of every month, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Public Works Garage, located at 20 W. Home Avenue This free service is only available to Villa Park residents. Please have your ID ready. Also, note only one TV may be dropped off per visit.

For a full list of acceptable items and more information, please visit here

Bulk and Large Item Collection 

Bulk items (that do not fit into your refuse cart) are collected loose, on your regular day of service. If an item exceeds 50lbs, residents may need to call LRS to schedule a special pickup. If a “bulk” item is considered hazardous, unacceptable for landfills or deemed unacceptable to take as garbage, the item(s) will not be taken.  Items should be placed where you normally receive collection service.

Mattresses and box/bed springs are required to be in a plastic mattress cover and taped securely shut. Plastic mattress covers may be purchased at retail outlets such as Walmart, Lowes, Menards, Home Depot and storage unit facilities. Packaging wrap or trash bags cut up and taped around to cover a mattress or box spring are also acceptable options.

Please call LRS (844) 633-3577) to see if such items can be scheduled for a special pickup.

White Goods

Some appliances require special handling as they may contain harmful chemicals, or they need to be recycled at a special location.

Examples of Appliances or White Goods:

Air Conditioner | Clothes Dryer | Cook Top and Cooking Plate | Cooker or Bakers Oven | Dishwasher | Drying Cabinet | Freezer | Kitchen Stove or Oven Range | Microwave Oven | Refrigerator or Refrigeration Equipment | Washing Machine | Water Heater

Scheduling Removal of Appliances & White Goods

All appliances/white goods must be prescheduled and prepaid to LRS by calling customer service ((844) 633-3577).

Vehicles & Vehicle Parts 

Goodwill accepts most vehicles for donation, whether or not they are in working order. Get more information on Goodwill car donation here. Large vehicle parts will not be collected as household trash (for example: wheels, engine blocks, exhaust systems, fenders, bumpers, doors, etc.).

Commercial Waste

Household waste is limited to what is generated at the residence being served. Household waste does not include commercial waste or business generated waste.

Hazardous Waste

According to the EPA, Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) are products that can catch fire, react, or explode under certain circumstances. All HHW items are banned from the landfill and will not be collected with curbside/alley collection. LRS encourages residents to take advantage of the drop-off facilities and additional options provided by DuPage County Hazardous Waste.

DuPage County Hazardous Waste's phone number is (630) 407-6760. 

Examples of HHW:

Oil Based Paints, Flammable Oils

Oil, Lead, Urethane, Chromium Based Paints, Shellac, Water or Driveway Sealer, Oil-Based Stain, Varnish

Pesticides / Herbicides / Fertilizers

Poison, Lawn Chemicals, Weed Killer


Spray-Paint, Hairspray, WD-40, Air Fresheners, Spray Adhesives, Oven Cleaner, Insecticide Bug Spray

Automotive Chemicals / Fluids

Antifreeze, Brake or Transmission Fluid, Gasoline, Diesel, Motor Oil

Houshold Cleaners (Acidic/Caustic)

Bleach, Ammonia, Muriatic Acids, Pool Cleaners, Drain Cleaners, Solvents, Paint Stripper or Thinner

Bulbs / Batteries

Fluorescent bulbs, CFL, NiCad, Lithium, Lead Acid, – Automotive, Marine and Sump Pump Batteries

Construction Services 

DIY Construction

Home remodeling waste includes, but is not limited to drywall, plywood, paneling, lumber, doors, windows, cabinets, porcelain fixtures, sod, fencing, concrete, or rocks will require special pickups. Residents will need to schedule service for these items and call to receive instructions on how to best prepare them for collection. Estimates will be provided, and items will be charged by the yard.

Dumpster Services

LRS has expanded our temporary services division to create an easier customer experience. These temporary services include portable restroom rental and dumpster roll-offs of all sizes to contain your construction debris.

Cooking Oil Recycling

Keep Cooking Oil Out of Your Sink. Even if hot water is running and grease is liquid when it goes down the drain, cooking oils and fats solidify when they reach cold pipes. Cities and homeowners spend thousands of dollars on resulting sewer clogs. Garbage is for solid waste only so what’s a person to do?

Recycle your used cooking oil into biodiesel!  Save your vegetable cooking oil in a container and bring it to a cooking oil recycling location or special event. Locations accept liquid, vegetable-based cooking oil only – no animal fats (Ie those solid at room temperature).

Learn more about cooking oil recycling including what to do with animal fats here.