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Garage / Yard Sales

  1. Garage / Yard Sales

    • Send us your Villa Park garage or yard sale information and we will post it on our Web site within 24 business hours.
    • Not-for-profit organizations in Villa Park may also use this form to post fund raising events (craft sales, bake sales, etc.)
  2. Please submit text here using normal sentence structure. Avoid using all caps.
  3. We ask for your name & e-mail address in the event we have a question about your submission. We will not post your name or e-mail address on our Web site, or share this information with any outside party.

    Please note that certain zoning rules apply for garage sales in Villa Park:
    • Garage sales may not be longer than 3 days in length.
    • A household can only have a garage sale twice a year.
    • Garage sales signs may only be located on the households private property (not on the parkway, tacked up on light poles, stop signs, or put on corners in public rights-of-way).
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