Annual Business Registration - Fire Inspection Management Program

The Village of Villa Park provides its Business Owners with a required, complimentary annual fire inspection.

Business owners are required to complete an annual Business Registration form prior to each year end. The Village Fire Inspector will then contact each Business Owner to schedule an annual fire inspection to assure your business meets code and is safe for you and your customers.

Annual Business Registration Certificates are required to be posted in a conspicuous public location at all times.


Ordinance: #3789

Effective: May 1, 2014

All Business Owners are required to complete the Annual Business Registration Process in compliance with Ordinance #3789 which states:

The Village's Fire Department desires to provide a yearly inspection as part of its fire inspection management program for the public health, welfare and safety of persons who will occupy business premises in the Village and register all businesses in the Village to have identifying information of the business owner and owner of the place of business in the event of an emergency regarding the business or business premise by December 31 of each calendar year.

Annual Business Registration Process:

  1. Complete all information on the Annual Business Registration Form (see links below).
  2. Upon receipt of completed form, the Fire Department will contact you to schedule your Annual Fire Inspection.
  3. When all steps have successfully been completed, you will be provided with your Annual Business Registration color certificate under the Fire Inspection Management Program.
  4. Display Annual Business Registration certificate in a conspicuous public location within your business at all times.

Go to on-line registration form.

Download registration form (PDF).

Please direct any questions to the Villa Park Fire Department at (630) 833-5350.