Fees & Regulations


  • Original application fee- $125
  • Annual renewal fee- $75
  • Exchange/transfer fee- $75

Additional Fees

  • An annual license fee per machine (May 1 through April 30) - $110 (not prorated)
  • Game room license annual fee (May 1 through April 30) - $1,000 (not prorated)
  • Device supplier annual fee (May 1through April 30) - $175 (not prorated)

We must receive renewal letter by April 1st of each year. Failure to do so releases any obligation to renew license. (see sec. 4-305 through 4-307 on denial, or revocation of license)


  • Premises is limited to 5 machines unless they receive approval from village manager. Only two of these machines may be non-self-contained (i.e. pool tables, dart boards.)
  • The license, along with supplemental schedule when issued, shall be placed in a conspicuous place on premises.
  • One machine may be exchanged for another coin-operated device. The original license must be returned to the Village of Villa Park, so that the appropriate changes can be made to license. Applicants should also provide the exchange / transfer fee that is listed above, and provide a serial number, and description of machine. We will then issue a new license with the change.
  • License will be revoked if establishment fails to notify us of any new, or replaced machine.
  • If the proprietor owns or has any interest in such devices, we must be provided with proof of ownership.
  • License is not transferable from person to person, or from place to place. A new license needs to be completed if ownership changes, or if machines are being moved. Approval is not automatic.

For more information, contact Jennifer Johnson, Finance Department Secretary directly at 630-592-6069.