Application, Deposit, & Fees

Application for Water, Sewer, & Trash Service

An application is required to be completed for each new owner or tenant of a residence in Villa Park. These applications are available in the Finance Department at the Village Hall located at 20 S. Ardmore Avenue or either:

This application must be completed and to the Finance Department within 30 days in person or online along with one form of identification, which must be a government issued photo ID (i.e. Drivers License, State ID). If application is not made within 30 days of occupancy, the water service will be terminated and a reinstatement fee will need to be paid in order to re-establish service.

Additional information available in the new resident packet.

 Security Deposit

A security deposit is required from the applicant for each home or commercial unit to be serviced with water. The deposit is refundable upon request after 4 years of good payment history, or will be applied to your final water bill. If the residence or commercial unit to be served is not occupied by the owner, a security deposit will be required from the tenant occupying the premises. The security deposit is $150 for single family homes, or per unit for multiple family dwellings and is payable prior to occupancy. Business owners should contact the Utility Billing Clerk at 630-834-8500 for deposit amounts.

Other Related Fees

Late fees are assessed the day after your due date at a rate of 5% of your total amount due. You will receive a late notice which is mailed out the day after your utility bill is due. Any funds that are returned to the Village of Villa Park will be charged a returned check fee of $40. The amount of the check and the applicable fees must be paid by cash or money order. In the event of a returned check, your account will be placed on a cash only basis for a one year period. A notice will be sent to you and if not paid the water service will be terminated and a reinstatement fee will need to be paid in order to re-establish service.

Salt Creek Sanitary District

In addition to the utility bill from the Village of Villa Park, you will receive a separate bill from the Salt Creek Sanitary District. This is a fee for the cleaning of the dirty water and is separate from the fees that the Village of Villa Park charges for sewer usage. All residents are responsible for this billing.

Salt Creek Sanitary District is not affiliated with the Village of Villa Park, however their fees are based on your water usage reported by the Village of Villa Park. The Salt Creek Sanitary bill is sent out quarterly and usually will come a week after the Village of Villa Park Bill. If you receive your Salt Creek bill and have not received the Village of Villa Park’s bill, please contact the Village of Villa Park immediately.

For more information about the Salt Creek Sanitary District billing, contact them directly at 630-832-3637. A drop box for Salt Creek Sanitary District bills is available outside the Villa Park Village Hall for your convenience. Payments cannot be taken inside the Village Hall for Salt Creek Sanitary District.