Body Worn Cameras

The environment of law enforcement is changing and the need to embrace video technology has increased. Nation-wide law enforcement agencies have issued body-worn cameras to their personnel to ensure transparency, officer accountability and to protect officers from false accusations. The court system has become more reliant on video footage for criminal and civil cases, especially cases involving use of force. Body-worn cameras will provide evidence for prosecutable cases which is invaluable. Body-worn cameras can provide an unbiased account of events that allow citizens and others to view what actually occurred during encounters that have been called into question.

The village board has approved the purchase of 24 Motorola WatchGuard Body Worn Cameras which are currently on order. The new body worn cameras will be utilized by officers on all calls for service and self-initiated activity. The body worn cameras will work in conjunction with the mobile cameras that are currently in operation in our marked squad cars. 

k-9 luke 

In 2020, the Village welcomed a new K-9 officer, Luke, a three-year-old German Shepard to the team. His handler, Officer Mat Rol vel Rul, has been with the village for over 10 years. Luke, was trained at the Northern Michigan K-9 School as a dual-purpose K-9 trained in narcotics and patrol. He is trained in tracking, as well as article searches. Welcome Officer Luke we look forward to all of the things you will accomplish in your time here! 

K9 Luke